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Magic Mike Review: The Stuff in Which My Dreams Are Made Of…

16 Jun

ImageMagic Mike is phenomenal.  Without a doubt the best film of 2012, even better than that superhero movie with all the hot guys who do NOT take off their shirts.  There are a lot of wonderful elements that come together to make this film, such as, Channing Tatum, and Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer and Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer.  Did I mention Joe Manganiello is in it? Shirtless? And his name is Big Dick Richie?  Just a lot of strong, essential elements that make this movie into the masterpiece it is.  The uh…plot is definitely fantastic, something about stripping and Joe Manganiello shirtless and stripping.  And the dialogue is incredible.  You know they’re almost naked right?  And of course the characters are wonderfully written…and shirtless.  Magic Mike is seriously amazing.  If you don’t watch this movie, you’re basically sending a hot guy to the slaughter house.  Let’s support hot guys everywhere and go see Magic Mike June 29th.

Take note, I have not yet seen Magic Mike, so cannot be held responsible for any misjudgments regarding plot, dialogue, or characters.  However, I can vouch based on watching the trailer over three dozen times that the half naked men are in fact real.  So does the plot even matter?  

This review should not be taken lightly, the viewing of this film is quite a serious event, one that includes plenty of half naked men to keep you company for 2 hours.  You’re welcome.  

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