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The Canadian Frame(lines) Fundraiser!

8 Jul

WOOOOOOOO-EEEEEEEEEEE! It’s been a long time and I don’t even have a great excuse for my absence.  Okay, I don’t even have a good excuse.  But all that should matter now is I’m back to fill your rant needs, and irrational zombie apocalypse ramblings.  You are welcome!

Quick thank you to everyone who has been checking out the blog, despite the lack of posts.  Especially all the traffic towards the Magic Mike review.  It’s probably just a coincidence that the post discussing naked men is my top read post.

Okay, moving along to todays’ post.  Today’s a cheery post about a project that you may have read about before (  If you haven’t read my previous Canadian Frame(lines) blog, I encourage you to check that out for a better understanding and description of the project.  If you have, YAY!  Thank you 🙂

So a week ago on July 1st the Canadian Frame(lines) team celebrated Canada Day by hanging out at Granville Island and launching our online fundraiser!  Alex and Ryder are asking for $30,000 in 45 days, and so far we’re at $2,617 meaning we have…$27,383 left to raise in 39 days  So here’s where you lovely people come in…

If you love Canada, film, documentaries, or even just supporting two AMAZING people then please please PLEASE donate whatever you feel comfortable with donating!  $1/$5/$10 may sound like a little in comparison, but EVERYTHING helps.  Right now we’re at a crucial stage where we’d like to just receive as many donations as possible to help encourage those who may be holding back.  Also, the more donations we get (regardless the value), the more likely the project will be featured on IndieGogo’s home page.  So just by donating $1 you could do wonders for the project! AND you’ll get a cool perk.


Okay, so at this point you’re either interested or you’re thinking “I’m not from Canada”.  I know this project is Canadian focused, but you don’t need to be Canadian – in fact, Ryder (one of the co-producers) isn’t from Canada either! – all you need is a love for film or exploration. Or maybe you’re just interested in Canada and learning more.

Obviously, we’d appreciate any kind of donation, but if you can’t donate there are other ways you can help.  You can SHARE, TWEET, and/or EMAIL the campaign to all of your friends.  The more traffic we get on the site, the better, and hopefully there will be others in your network interested in donating.  It would be appreciated that anyone with a blog share the campaign on their blog, and if you’re interested you could write a response to “What is Canadian identity” to join the discussion.  Even if you don’t have a blog, you can join the discussion via poetry, video, photography, etc by emailing

More ways you can help are listed on the IndieGogo page —

It’s really important to me that all of you do the most that you can for this project, whether that be donating or promoting it.  I only joined the project back in December, so my encouragement is completely unbiased.  If I didn’t believe in this project, I can guarantee I wouldn’t have come aboard.  These are genuinely great people wanting to do something great for Canada and its citizens.  And what’s more, we’ve never before seen anything like this.  I’m excited to see where Canadian Frame(lines) takes us and what we learn along the way, and hopefully you are too.  I look forward to seeing you all join the journey!

You can donate and learn more here:



Thank you for your support!


Magic Mike Review: The Stuff in Which My Dreams Are Made Of…

16 Jun

ImageMagic Mike is phenomenal.  Without a doubt the best film of 2012, even better than that superhero movie with all the hot guys who do NOT take off their shirts.  There are a lot of wonderful elements that come together to make this film, such as, Channing Tatum, and Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer and Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer.  Did I mention Joe Manganiello is in it? Shirtless? And his name is Big Dick Richie?  Just a lot of strong, essential elements that make this movie into the masterpiece it is.  The uh…plot is definitely fantastic, something about stripping and Joe Manganiello shirtless and stripping.  And the dialogue is incredible.  You know they’re almost naked right?  And of course the characters are wonderfully written…and shirtless.  Magic Mike is seriously amazing.  If you don’t watch this movie, you’re basically sending a hot guy to the slaughter house.  Let’s support hot guys everywhere and go see Magic Mike June 29th.

Take note, I have not yet seen Magic Mike, so cannot be held responsible for any misjudgments regarding plot, dialogue, or characters.  However, I can vouch based on watching the trailer over three dozen times that the half naked men are in fact real.  So does the plot even matter?  

This review should not be taken lightly, the viewing of this film is quite a serious event, one that includes plenty of half naked men to keep you company for 2 hours.  You’re welcome.  

Oscars 2012

28 Feb

Why hello, hello! I’ve been quite on top of this thing, eh? (a little Canadian humour there). First off, this isn’t exactly an Oscars blog because it’s a little tasteless to post about the Oscars more than 24 hours after it’s ended.  Not quite sure if this is a rule, but we should make it one! It can be like “Don’t wear white after Labor Day”.  Anywho…this is an Oscar/talking about myself blog.  I can tell you’re excited already..

So the reason I’m late on this Oscar stuff anyway is because I spent the evening of the Oscars watching the Oscar showing at a theater before running over (and missing Meryl’s speech and the Artist’s win) to The Fray concert just down the street from us.  Quite the night, eh?  And needless to say, I was tired when I got home. And this morning I had previous commitments…called some R&R 😉  So here’s my Oscar talk, I guess, just keep in mind I’ve decided to be er…polite tonight.  Let’s ditch the negative talk since everyone else always has that covered.

Okay, who looked good? I may be forgetting some women but off the top of my head, Emma Stone (she ALWAYS looks great..seriously!), Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Michelle Williams, Penelope Cruz, and Angelina Jolie.  I’m going to refrain from talking about Angie’s leg because, remember, I’m being positive! And the positive factor here is, I almost never love what Angie wears.  I think Emma probably had my favorite look though.  Maybe she can just pull of anything, but seriously her stylist is incredible.

THRILLED to see Midnight in Paris win Best Screenplay.  Ohmygosh yes! I love Woody Allen and I loved Midnight in Paris, but I felt people sorely underrated it so it’s so great to see it win a well deserved Oscar. Also, thrilled with all of The Artist’s wins, especially Best Picture and Best Actor.  Jean Dujardin is a stone cold fox who has some serious acting chops for a dude who says all but two words.  Actually, I was extremely happy with all of the actor wins last night.  Even Meryl! Being a woman of color, part of me did want Viola to win but when Meryl’s name was announced I didn’t feel as if I had been cheated at all. It really was a close race all the way to the end.

Let me just say, if another certain picture had taken home Best Picture I may not be in such a positive only mood. But because I’m being positive let me say what I enjoyed this year, I thought most of the presenters were fabulous. Especially Emma Stone…okay, it’s clear to everyone I have a big girl crush on her.  I’ll just take this moment to clarify, this girl crush blossomed during Zombieland.  Anywho, I actually enjoyed the opening sequence, and I’ve got to say I loved the video of actors discussing their movie watching experiences and whatnot.  Without being a negative nelly, this year wasn’t super I alone here?

Okay, moving along because I’m tired (that’s why this post will be pictureless MUAHAHAHAH nothing to make this post more attractive or distract from it’s length! I’m a monster!!!!).  I went to a script chat and feedback session this past weekend and it was an incredible experience! I had planned to discuss it in more deeply, however, I really am tired so I’m thinking a later post?  I just wanted to bring it up because I never realized how many free resources there are for artists and I suggest any artists go look at what’s out there for them.

That is it folks! So uh…I guess it was just an Oscar post. Let’s start that Oscar rule next year then, shall we? Hope you had a lovely day, or will have a lovely day, wherever you are..


The Extremely Handy & Not At All Useless Guide to…

29 Jan

I will be the first person to tell you I suck with a blog. Matter of fact, I think I’ve mentioned this before…  I mean at first I’m all determined and excited to share something interesting.  That’s how it starts doesn’t it? You have an idea that needs to be shared.  But after awhile you forget about it or run out of time or out of ideas.  So yes, I admit it I am terrible at blogging!  I forget, and I get busy and I don’t even know what to say. And that’s most likely how you’ll end up with blogs like this.  Anyway, I figured I’d apologize – yes, that constitutes as an apology – for my neglect and move along to something far more interesting…

So I have this best friend named – I don’t even think she reads this blog so it’s okay if I name her right? Nancy, if you’re reading this and I’m not supposed to say you’re name then I’m sorry. Wait, you know what, just in case I won’t even mention it – Nameless and we always joke that her life is filled with movie moments.  And don’t act confused when you read that, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  And I don’t just mean the A typical chick flick moments, but actual movie moments.  Perhaps we just think this because we spend a large percentage of our day discussing movies.  Regardless the reason Nameless’ life is probably a mix of The Others, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Matrix.

Oh God, can you imagine?  The Matrix is actually Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and while stuck there Neo begins to believe the oompa loompas are ghosts haunting the factory due to Wonka having terrorized them, dyed them orange and then held them hostage as musical slaves.  In the end Neo discovers he is dead, having been killed by a kick ass Laurence Fishburne. Perhaps there’s a twist ending and Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction show up.

I’m sorry did I break your concentration?*  Nameless’ life isn’t exactly like that per se, but I’d say pretty darn close only she’s either an oompa loompa or Laurence Fishburne…I haven’t quite figured that out yet.  The point that I was getting at – though it seems to be taking a very long time to get there – is I’m sure Nameless isn’t the only one who has movie moments. In fact I believe I have had a few myself.  Though mine result in more a Phantom Menace meets Ferris Bueller meets Die Hard, and my character is definitely one of the black extras from the Twist & Shout scene.

So if so many people have these movie moments then when can you draw the line between your normal life and your movie life?  If you can’t differentiate the two then you’ll have so many overlapping story lines and pointless characters that you know absolutely nothing about so don’t even care about in the least that you’ll end up with New Years Eve as your life.  Ba-zinga!  At this point you may be interested in what I’m getting at, or just want to know how to become one of the extras in the Twist & Shout scene, or at the very least thought my New Years Eve burn earned your attention a little longer.  In which case, let’s get on with it!  Here is my EXTREMELY HANDY & NOT AT ALL USELESS GUIDE TO WHEN YOUR LIFE IS BECOMING TOO MUCH OF A MOVIE AND NOT THE GOOD MATRIX/CHOCOLATE FACTORY/THE OTHERS KIND, BUT THE NEW YEARS EVE KIND:

1) If you and your significant other break up before one of you is set to leave the country and the person staying realizes that they’re letting the other get of course  there’s an airport moment after heavy pursuit.  Or even worse, the chaser believes they missed the one leaving and goes home defeated to find…the person back at home waiting.

How to avoid: Do NOT, I repeat do NOT chase anyone to the airport! We live in the 21st century chances are they have a phone if it’s really that urgent, and even greater chances are the country they are moving to also has phones and/or computers and/or addresses. Chances are you know this information because you only just broke up. If the situation is reversed and you are the chasee then reject the chaser when and if they catch up with you at the airport.

How to create this moment: Definitely chase. Or if you are the chasee either a) head back to the house or b) walk slowly at the airport so they can catch up with you.  Also, a sappy soundtrack seems to help these situations.

2) If you survived an explosion or a high jump without an injury except for the very suave scar and ash on your face (totally bad ass).                                        

How to avoid: Why are you even any where around an explosion or needing to jump off a building?  Unless you’re CIA or FBI or a bounty hunter or if you’re Bruce Willis, which means your life is pretty much already a movie.  I guess if you’re a normal person you can avoid this by not joining any of the above organizations or even standing around Bruce Willis.  If you are ever in an explosion just please don’t put on aviators as you walk away.

How to create this moment: Cool guys don’t look at explosions. Definitely slowly put on aviators as you walk away with the explosion behind you. Or pull a Marky Mark and wear a hat.

3) If you’re having a slumber party with your fellow blonde hotties – I guess this only applies to girls, however I’d be more than happy to host a slumber party with hot blonde male models – and hear a noise.  Suddenly the electricity goes out.  A window is open though you have no memory of having opened it.  Someone goes up stairs to check out the noise bringing along a flash light.  There’s a scream and silence.  After a few minutes you decide to go up stairs and check what’s happened to your friend.  I mean how bad can it be? She is probably just playing a cruel joke on you…                                                                

How to avoid: Invite over a black friend.  It’s the 21st Century so people understand you can’t just kill off the black friend first. Instead they off them second. That’s why if you have a black friend who stays by your side the whole night you have a 99% chance you’ll die third. Keep in mind this only works if you also invite over a third friend.  Ensure this person is more of an acquaintance because they’re definitely going to die.  Also, notice your black friend will be wise and decide it’s best to leave the house and call the authorities, once again, this will increase your chances of survival.                    

How to create this moment: Okay then, you’re obviously slightly disturbed.  But er…definitely volunteer checking what’s upstairs.  And it doesn’t hurt to skip the flashlight and go old school, use a candle.  Also, purchase a home with an attic.

4) If there’s a camera crew following you. You’re definitely in a documentary (or yay! reality TV)…or a mockumentary in which case gear up for some faux haunting crap.                                                                                                                               

How to avoid: Don’t sign contracts your lawyer hasn’t looked over. Avoid film friends.                                                                                                                                        

How to create this moment: Do something just about anyone else can do, but be attractive and dysfunctional while doing it.  Examples: make a sex tape, treat your children like living dolls, have a baby at 16, gym, tan and do laundry while promoting Ed Hardy?- What the hell do those Jersey kids do? – If you don’t happen to be attractive begin collecting items of all sorts but refusing to organize, or just become obese. If you’d like to stick to film I’d simply suggest making a film about any issue that can be the start of a campaign.  People love a cause!..Or a ghost story.

5) If some form of mainstream indie is playing while you stare silently at the ocean/significant other or simply sit in an empty tub while deep in thought. 

How to avoid: You’re not that deep so just don’t think while staring off.      

How to create this moment: It’s called a soundtrack. I suggest creating one that suits your own life. Should include a happy-go-lucky wake up song.

6) (My personal favorite) If while running late for something you collide with a stranger and drop your purse/bag or papers and they bend down to help pick them up and apologize though it was definitely your fault.  The two of you accidentally allow your hands to touch and there’s a sudden spark.  You leave but you accidentally leave something behind that he/she will use to find you to tell you they love you! Wow, sometimes touching a hand can be that powerful.  

How to avoid: If you live in the kind of town/city where people help you pick up your stuff after physically assaulting them then LEAVE NOW! Seriously, you have to wonder what people who are that nice are actually planning.  It’s probably just bottled up inside of them.  Also, anyone who has fallen for you after simply touching your hand is definitely desperate.                                      

How to create this moment: Run through the streets bumping into everyone and leaving behind something with your number/name, or an article of clothing that they will later trace back to you through store records (cause if that doesn’t say love…) until someone finally shows up at your place of business to claim his/her undying and inappropriate love for you in front of all your colleagues (because of that doesn’t say love…).

7) If suddenly you find you and your friends, or a bunch of strangers breaking out into spontaneous song and dance in public usually to a song that refers to a main story line occurring in your life. Example, fighting over a man with your best friend? Try The Boy is Mine.  Take note, this does not count if you had planned a flash mob.  I mean actual spontaneous song and dance. The kind where you’re fighting with your best friend and instead of having an actual conversation, the two of you in unison begin the first verse. And then of course random people on the street who you have never met before will also seem to know the song and join in. And isn’t it handy that they also seem to know the same dance steps?                                                                                                                     

How to avoid: Please don’t sing your feelings. Life isn’t Glee.                                  

How to create this moment: Build up your song vocabulary with all the favorites.  While you yourself can always be prepared, there’s no saying whether your friends or random strangers will also join in.  There’s definitely a greater chance of others joining in if it’s a song everyone loves and is familiar with.

8) If you’re bitten by a radioactive spider and suddenly find yourself having spider characteristics that you could put towards saving the world (okay, your city). Or if your parents are murdered and you feel the need to avenge their death, but realize that you have such talent and finances in the field that you’re needed to save the world (okay, your city).  Or if you were born on a different planet and your inhuman abilities make you an asset to planet Earth (or just your city, lazy).  Or if you’re a mutant who discovers a school for freaks like you (okay, maybe I’m a little jealous…) and realizes your inhuman abilities will either make you a hero or a villain, both of which will be isolated and ridiculed by society.  Or if you’re just a regular guy/girl who’s always wanted to be a superhero and what better chance than to order a spandex suit and walk around your city with nunchucks.                                                                                        

How to avoid: With great power comes great responsibility.  And trust me, you don’t want this kind of responsibility.  You thought your school loan was a lot? Try ridding your city of every bank robber, murderer, rapist and peeping tom.  If you’re born with inhuman qualities or accidentally bitten by a spider just try to blend in with the rest of society.  Or use it to your advantage! Why not rob a bank or mind trick people?                                                                                     

How to create this moment: Buy a spandex suit, some nunchucks, pick out an obvious name, create a facebook page and have your friend catch you on video doing something heroic.  Or if you know any radioactive spiders…

I really hope my EXTREMELY HANDY & NOT AT ALL USELESS GUIDE TO WHEN YOUR LIFE IS BECOMING TOO MUCH OF A MOVIE AND NOT THE GOOD MATRIX/CHOCOLATE FACTORY/THE OTHERS KIND, BUT THE NEW YEARS EVE KIND has been useful in your pursuit to having a normal life. This guide in no way reflects the likeness of no actual films.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

*Oh God, if you didn’t get that reference, I’m not sure if we can be friends.

The INJUSTICE that is the Oscar nominations

24 Jan

I know I’m not the only one who is disappointed with the Academy this morning.  The 2012 Oscar nominations were released and as per usual there were some snubs, but this year when I say snubs I mean an INJUSTICE (I’m just going to go on writing that word in capital letters so you may as well get used to it).


Those who know me know I love Ryan Gosling (okay, anyone who checks out my twitter page knows) and so of course I believe the biggest snub was no nomination for Mr. Gosling.  There were hardly any Top 10 lists I read that didn’t include Drive, or at least mention it.  The film was brilliant! And there was no Gosling love or Drive love! Except for a nomination in something to do with sound, or in other words, a category that no one really cares about (sorry sound guys!).  Would it have really hurt the Academy to nominate Drive for Best Picture?!  I haven’t seen Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close but I have heard terrible things, and yet the Academy felt the need to hand a nomination out there but forget about Drive?! and Bridesmaids?! and HARRY F*CKING POTTER?!?! I don’t even know why I wrote that in Italic but I’m upset.  I would have understood if the Academy nominated Ryan for Ides of March, but there was nothing!! NADA! And what did Drive get? No Best Actor nom! No Directing nom! No Best Picture nom! No SUPPORTING ACTOR nom!!! All this in consideration, it feels as if the Academy gave Drive a giant slap in the face.  So all I can hope for is that Mr. Gosling and his perfectly sculpted biceps stomp the Academy’s face in.  Preferably in an elevator, while wearing a satin scorpion jacket to 80s pop music.

Speaking of Ryan Gosling, people have called 2011 the Year of the Gos.  And while I love him, wasn’t this more the Year of Fassie?  Or even the Year of Chastain.  Okay, maybe the Year of the Gos sounds better but the point I’m slowly getting at was no nom for Michael Fassbender?  Despite being in (correct me if I’m mistaken) 4 films, all of which were fantastic representations of what Fassbender is capable of and even being told by everyone’s favorite man, George Clooney at the Golden Globes that he was well-endowed and could play golf without his hands (wink wink) there was no nomination for Fassie.  The Academy is known for being conservative so I don’t think anyone expected a Best Picture nom for Shame but Fassbender is the kind of actor the Academy loves and so do the women…er…people!

On a positive note, Gary Oldman was nominated!! How could someone so incredible not have been nominated before?  There was actual shock this morning, not that he was nominated, but that this was his FIRST nomination.  Talk about being the most under appreciated actor.  I’m almost positive the Academy is patting themselves on the back, assuming people will be grateful towards them nominating Mr. Oldman.  I, however, question why the hell they’re finally getting around to it.  What took you so long?!

As mentioned Bridesmaids and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 were among the Best Picture snubs.  Here’s the thing, I don’t think anyone expected the Academy to come up with 9 nominees.  We were thinking more like 7 this year.  But obviously they had a change of heart and made it 9…9 is so close to 10. Almost too close.  Academy, why couldn’t you just throw in one more?  We’re not stupid, we wouldn’t have expected a win but for movies with such huge fans (especially Harry Potter) there would have been some major celebrating and maybe, just maybe we would have overlooked all of the other snubs.  Remember Academy, snobs snub.

People are saying Spielberg was snubbed in a Directing nomination, however, I didn’t see War Horse and despite everything I still don’t want to.  I’m actually pleased with the Directing nominees.  I wasn’t the hugest Hugo or The Descendents fan however I’m finding it harder and harder to avoid those not getting nominated. So all in all, Woody Allen got a nom and of course The Artist so I’m happy.  Concerning Spielberg I think he was snubbed in the Animated category.  I loved Tin Tin and so did the Hollywood Foreign Press who awarded it with a Golden Globe.  And wasn’t it odd it was snubbed for some animated features no one has ever heard of?  Maybe I’m out of the loop but what is Chico & Rita? and A Cat in Paris? And are we really going to act like Kung Fu Panda 2 was better than Tin Tin? This is embarrassing.

I find the Actress in a Leading Role category is a toughie.  I really enjoyed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I suppose I owe that to Rooney Mara’s performance.  I really respect that Rooney put such dedication into a role and played a character that wasn’t her at all (or maybe there’s a dark and twisty Rooney in there?), however, I’m torn because Tilda Swinton in the We Need to Talk About Kevin trailer is enough to make me know she deserves a nom.  I haven’t seen We Need to Talk About Kevin yet, but I hear great things and knowing the actress Tilda is, I believe it.  Also, people are upset about Charlize Theron not being nominated and I love her, loved Young Adult, but it is a tricky category…Obviously Meryl will win and I guess it didn’t really matter who else was nominated.

Speaking of women, the Actress in a Supporting Role category I felt had the best nominees.  All the women chosen are definitely deserving and I feel as if there was mutual celebration between everyone this morning after hearing that Melissa McCarthy was nominated for her role in Bridesmaids.  I’m sure the Academy knew there was no way getting out of that one.  Also, Bridesmaids got a very well deserved nomination in the Original Screenplay category.  And so did Woody Allen! That being said, I didn’t expect too much 50/50 love but not even a Original Screenplay nom? How was that not original? And beautifully told!?

Ending on a  Drive note, Albert Brooks apparently didn’t play a good enough crime boss for the Academy.  INJUSTICE!  Brooks and Andy Serkis as ape Caesar should go shake up the Academy good, teach them to mess with a great thing.  I don’t even think Mr. Brooks would have cared if he had lost to Christopher Plummer again, it’s just nice to be included, ya know?  Maybe you didn’t understand Drive, Academy, but can’t you appreciate a f*cking brilliant performance? Well you know what? Joke is on you!  If my twitter sources are correct, Patton Oswalt, Albert Brooks, Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Charlize Theron, and Tilda Swinton are having a party of their own.  And that sounds like the place to be. Remember  Academy, snobs snub.

Okay that is all…I think. Seriously, I lost track awhile back.  Let me know who else was snubbed. Or even what you’re excited about.  I’m thinking the Oscars are turning into the new Golden Globes (this fits nicely with my theory that the Golden Globes are the new MTV Awards…in other words, we lost the ability to define great cinema and talent).  If one thing is certain, it is if this ever surfaces so a member of the Academy reads it, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll never be invited to the Academy Awards (there goes that dream!).  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

And remember, what’s our word of the day? INJUSTICE!

Golden Globes 2012

15 Jan

I couldn’t help myself, I had to discuss the Golden Globes ASAP.  But don’t worry, I don’t have too much to say, considering it was the same old song and dance.

Honesty time: I didn’t love the fashion all that much this year.  There were some dresses I loved, like those belonging to Mila Kunis, Kate Beckinsale, Berenice Bejo, Emma Stone, and Viola Davis.  But overall, wasn’t gawking over most of them.

Also, this has got to be said and what better way than to quote a movie, Angelina Jolie, “Jesus, someone get that girl a sandwich”.  Did you see how I did that?  I quoted the Captain America movie..but I changed ‘boy’ to ‘girl’. High-fives for cleverness!  Seriously though, not to offend (especially if she has an eating disorder, in which case, I encourage seeking help) but where were Angie’s arms?  I feel like she’s trying a disappearing spell.  Regardless the reason, I strongly suggest putting some meat on those bones.

It was amazing to see Morgan Freeman honored this year.  He’s so amazing and extremely deserving of such an award.  Also, Helen Mirren is everything that every woman should aspire to be.  She embodies class and yet she’s feisty and comical. And gorgeous!

And let me just say, this was a really great night for sexy men.  I mean, did you see Ewan McGregor, Clive Owen, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Michael Fassbender (not enough camera shots!), George Clooney, and Brad Pitt.  My biggest disappointment was no RYAN!! I had read the other day that he wouldn’t be there but still…part of me was hoping he would show up.

Another Ryan upset for me was that he was nominated for Ides of March instead of Drive.  Who didn’t think Drive was the superior film? Apparently the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who are crazy for Clooney.

That being said, Clooney and Brad Pitt need to make out on camera.  I felt like everyone was just waiting for them to take their bromance to the next level. You can’t take two of the hottest men of all time and not have them make out.  Wasn’t it just dreamy when George came out with a matching cane?  Or when he not only said Brad was an amazing guy but doing amazing things?  Or how about just any time he talked about Brad?  Oh also, was I the only one who thought it was totally hot that George also thinks Michael Fassbender could play golf without his hands? 😉

When Meryl won (SURPRISE! This never happens) she as per usual was extremely humble and gushed about everyone who was nominated and then some.  I love stars who are so deserving and yet so completely humble.

And let me say I was so happy for Woody Allen winning the Screenplay award.  I loved Midnight in Paris but I didn’t think there would be any gold for it.  So how refreshing to see it receive honors in screenwriting.

I can’t complain about most of the winners. Except I wasn’t the biggest fan of Hugo or The Descendents.  That being said, I wasn’t jumping out of my seat when Scorsese won or when The Descendents won Best Picture – Drama.  To be completely honest, that last one put a damper on the whole evening.  Though I wasn’t the biggest Hugo fan I love Scorsese and the fact that he made Hugo because his wife wanted him to make a film his daughter could watch was sweet.  However, I just didn’t think The Descendents was Best Picture worthy.  Especially when films like Attack the Block and Drive didn’t get the recognition they deserved.  Not that The Descendents was terrible, but I personally felt there were far many more deserving films.  So I guess it comes down to this, The Artist won Best Picture – Comedy/Musical and The Descendents won Best Picture – Drama so it will be a fight between the two come February 26th. And I’m hoping the Academy lets The Artist kick some ass.

Also, is it sad that I was a little disappointed by a tame Ricky Gervais? I thought he was funny last year, we could have done without the occasional rude joke, but I thought most was acceptable. And like he said, you’re making fun of the most beautiful and privileged people in the world and they can’t take a joke?

Maybe we can all sleep safe and sound tonight in agreement that the Golden Globes are the new MTV/Peoples’ Choice/*insert unimportant Award here.

That is all. What did you think of the Golden Globes?

Have a wonderful evening!


Best of 2011

8 Jan

The reason I started this blog when I did had a little something to do with the time of year.  What has every film junkie with a blog glued to their computers while they compile a list of what made up their most enjoyable film experiences of the year? The ‘Best of’ list of course!  Seriously, this time of year is Comic-Con for the cineophiles.  A time where film nerds everywhere compile lists of just about anything they can think of concerning the films of the year.  A time where calendars are marked with Award show dates, and discussions ensue on who should and should not win.  Then, of course it’s all over and you’re complaining about the snubs (the Academy takes years to recognize real talent) and how each year the show seems to get even more terrible.

Wow. You see how I went a little off topic there? That happens a lot.  What I was trying to say is there are film lists everywhere in December/January and I want to be right in there this year.

If you’ve actually read all of this I’m impressed and guessing you want me to get started. And if you’ve glimpsed through all of this then I’m not surprised. But I just wanted to add one more thing.  I know a lot of people were turned off this year in terms of film.  And while this has not been my favorite year in film, I felt this was a fantastic year in terms of independent pictures being popularized and that makes me ecstatic. That being said, I personally missed out on a lot of those movies (I’ll explain later) so my list is more mainstream, but finally (I warned you I like to talk) here is my Best of 2011 in Film list (in no order):

10) ShameImage

Michael Fassbender has got to be the actor of the year.  After Jane Eyre, X-Men: First Class, Shame and A Dangerous Method Fassbender has proven that he could very well take over for the current A-list of actors (you know, the usual suspects).  Fassbender playing a sex addict with his dependent sister (played by Carey Mulligan) intruding on his life was for me the most believable performance of the year.  Oddly enough I find that actors and actresses barely impact my opinion on a film (unless they’re so terrible it distracts), typically the writing and direction are the biggest impacts, however I can be convinced to like a film if it is visually stimulating.  In the case of Shame I found Fassbender’s performance was so intriguing that that alone captured me.  But don’t get me wrong, Steven McQueen had given Fassbender more than enough to work with.  He told a story that felt real through and through, it was basic and simple but honest and never dull. Shame is a character study that captures the feelings of the main character through his actions.

9) Melancholia Image

So for Shame it was all about the performance, for Melancholia it was all in the writing and visuals.  I found Melancholia was one of those movies I was stunned watching and left a little boggled, after I left the theater I was in full discussion about it and still as the days pass I continue to think about it.  The brilliance behind the film is incredible.  Melancholia tells the story of two sisters (played by Kristen Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg) who must experience the arrival of a new planet that threatens colliding with Earth.  Without giving too much away, Lars von Trier was very clever in the way he portrayed this.  For me, I felt as if this was one of those films you love more and more as you grasp the meaning and brilliance of it.  And as mentioned, the film was visually stimulating, from the opening sequence you’re drawn to the screen.

8) Bridesmaids

ImageI feel as if independent filmmakers/film lovers feel Bridesmaids is beneath them, but what I say to that is get off your high horse! Bridesmaids was amazing. It wasn’t just a comedy, but it was a well done comedy! Sure it was a little crude but don’t say you didn’t laugh when Maya Rudolph went to the bathroom in that dress.  The reason some think they’re better than this film is because it’s not a drama that happens to be funny, but a comedy that happens to be great! If that makes sense…See, people like those dramas that will of course be Oscar nominated with a little bit of comedy (The Kings Speech was funny), but those in film seem to have this prejudice that comedies don’t deserve the gold.  Well what are the requirements? Outstanding performances? An original and quality script? Box office glory? General amazingness? Check. Check. Check and check again. Melissa McCarthy has been glorified for her performance and apparently this movie has proven that women are funny (the fact that no one noticed we were funny before disturbs me, but I’m trying to prove a point) which has got to count for something. I’m sorry but Kristen’s British roommate saying she got offered a free tattoo from a man in a white van automatically placed Bridesmaids on my Top 10 list.

7) Attack the Block

ImageMost likely my favorite film of 2011. Attack the Block answers the age old question, “What would happen during an alien invasion in the ghetto?”.  Sci-fi films usually take place in Manhattan or L.A. or some fancy European city, but haven’t you ever wondered what would happen in the ghetto? The military or S.W.A.T. always comes to save the day in the typical Sci-fi movie so I’m sure they’d be too busy to head over to the ghetto (or they wouldn’t care).  Well Attack the Block answers such. And it’s reply is “Aliens don’t come to the ghetto and this is why…”.  The story itself is smart and original, and it’s cast of unknowns play quite the convincing group.  I was entertained while still managing to be impressed with the creativity behind the whole project.  The sad fact is while a lot of people saw this movie, it was one of the lesser talked about independents this year and with award season coming up the most under appreciated.

6) The Artist 


Two of my favorite films of the year happened to have little to no dialogue.  The fact alone that a film like this could do so well in 2011 is amazing in itself.  Just goes to show what excellence people can create even without a dialogue.  And the performances that come of that! Jean Dujardin was adorable as an actor at the top of his game dealing with the consequences of talking pictures replacing silent films.  And costar Berenice Bejo was just as excellent as a young dancer ready to take the spot light.  What really captured me was the love story here.  I felt like this embodied those classic love stories we’re not quite used to seeing any more.  The ones that would star Cary Grant or Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn or Humphrey Bogart and would just ooze class and true love.  The Artist is the epitome of all things classy.

5) X-Men: First Class

I’m a huge X-Men fan. For me X-Men: First Class is the perfect example of what the true movie watching experience should be about. There was a quality story that was important to the franchise and it was told with efficiency and in respect to the series. The actor choices were spot on, now I can’t imagine Fassbender as anyone but Magneto. And James McAvoy was spot on, as was Jennifer Lawrence who offered audiences a better explanation as to Mystique’s decisions. I think for fans of the original trilogy it was nice to understand some of the characters better. I was genuinely on the edge of my seat the whole time, surprised, intrigued, excited, amazed, and incredibly sad.

4) Midnight in Paris

I love Woody Allen. I’m one of those people that can look past his uh…creep factor and see his pure talent. He’s known for two things, his opening credits (you know what I’m talking about) and his purely character driven films human connections and relationships. Midnight in Paris is no exception, Owen Wilson plays a struggling writer on vacation in Paris with his fiancee played by Rachel McAdams. The two clearly do not belong together and while in Paris discover this through the experiences of better lives. Simple, right? Wrong. Allen creates a little bit of a twist through the addition of time travel. That being said, the film is charming and lighthearted while still reaching a level of significant meaning. Also, considering that Allen is a big fan of rich location, he always does a wonderful job of showcasing that. You really get to experience the city just as much as you experience the characters. Knowing little about the film when I went in, it was all unexpected and to say the least I was charmed.

3) Super 8 

Take the Goonies. Now take E.T.. Now add them together. That is the brilliance that is Super 8. And who wouldn’t like The Goonets? JJ Abrams directs, writes and produces the story of a group of kids who happen to be filming on a super 8 camera when they witness a train crash and the mysterious something that is released upon their town. The performances from all the kids could be credited as some of the best of the year, especially considering that for most of them it was their first feature film. I was completely engrossed when I first watched Super 8 (seriously, I didn’t even check my phone!). While this story is Sci-fi and adventurous it also manages to be comedic, romantic, and ultimately a story about friendship. This is the perfect example of Sci-fi at its finest and even greater than that, classic Spielberg films.

2) The Help

Not to sound racist or rude but I find most serious films about black people tell a story where a white person comes along and changes a group of black people (typically troubled teens) into realizing their true potential, or giving them a genuine opportunity. Not that there’s anything wrong with that and I suppose it’s accurate to..uh..history, but being a woman of color at times it annoys me. And despite what you may think, I found The Help did not tell that story. Yes, a white woman played by the wonderful Emma Stone (I have a major girl crush) gives a group of African American maids the opportunity to share their opinions and hopefully change their situation but I felt it wasn’t Emma’s character changing their lives. If you think about it, without the views of maids played by Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer then Emma’s character wouldn’t have had a story. They don’t need someone else to save them, sisters really are doing it for themselves. This wasn’t the only reason I loved the film. In all honesty, the trailers were…uh…misleading. I thought it would be…uh..let’s just leave it at not very good. But after hearing great reviews (and of course my love for Emma Stone had something to do with it) we gave it a chance. I think what blew me away the most (other than the sisters-are-doing-it-for-themselves story line) were the performances. As mentioned, I love Emma Stone and while she did a wonderful job, the performances from Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and the incredible Jessica Chastain were award worthy. I just found it was very refreshing to see such amazing performances bring to life a story that did not follow the typical whoa-is-me story line.

1) Drive

Maybe it’s my passionate love for all things Ryan Gosling (that hair, that genuine smile, those smoldering eyes, that strong chin, his perfectly sculpted chest. We’d make beautiful babies) but I loved Drive. And apparently so did the rest of the film world considering it’s on almost everyone’s top 10. Ryan had described it as Pretty in Pink with head smashing which I believe is suiting. Drive tells the story of the driver, a movie stunt driver by day and a get away driver by night. The driver begins to fall for his next door neighbor played by Carey Mulligan who happens to be married to an ex con who needs to do one more job…and happens to need a driver. What comes of this is more head smashing than car chases. A lot of people felt this was a character study and yet we knew nothing about the driver (not even his name) and he barely spoke, but Nicolas Winding Refn is known for his…er…let’s say unique filmmaking style. Basically he does what he wants. Giving us a character with little dialogue and background and yet the audience knew exactly what he was saying and who he was. All in all, Drive is a portrayal of human communication through actions and not words. It is violent and aggressive, yet honest and pure, and all while set to an 80s pop soundtrack.

So there it is, the whole lengthy lot of it.  I just wanted to mention here that there were a lot I didn’t add to this list and some I seriously debated with (The Help was very close to being swapped out for Young Adult, and I tried desperately to squeeze Harry Potter 7.2 in).  So here are a few films that I think deserve special credit: Young Adult, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Tin Tin, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, 50/50, Carnage, Crazy Stupid Love & (don’t laugh, I have a soft spot…) Captain America.

And with that being said, though I didn’t hate them I felt The Descendents and Hugo were a little overrated. I’ll explain in another blog.

Also, though I typically see 2 movies a week (my BFF gets free movies!), I mentioned there were a lot I missed out on and here’s why…Vancouver is a hot spot for NOT getting certain movies and I prefer a theater to my computer screen.  Because of this here are the movies I missed out on because Vancouver did NOT get them (well, not including My Week With Marilyn):

Martha Marcy May Marlene, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Another Earth, Submarine, Beginners, Tree of Life, The Guard, Super, Margin Call, Like Crazy, My Week With Marilyn, Win Win, A Dangerous Method, Take Shelter

I plan on finally caving and watching some online and I’ve heard rumors Vancouver might get A Dangerous Method and We Need to Talk About Kevin soon so one can hope…

I believe I am finally done. Sorry for the excessive amount of text.

Have a wonderful day!

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