17 Jun

My mother and I (okay mostly my mother..) have created a new “saying”, if you will.  It’s called BYOWallet.  Or Bring Your Own Wallet.  The term “going dutch” seems to be something of the past, and we found people have a difficult time saying “hey, I want to hang out but I’m broke so you have to pay for yourself” or “Do you want to go to a movie?” — does that mean you’ve unknowingly agreed to pay?  How does a guy ask a girl to hangout but without implying that he’s paying and without bluntly saying “you’ve got to pay for yourself”?  Or how does one even plan an event without having the invitees think it’s being covered?  All you have to say is “BYOWallet”.  It’s not rude when you’re throwing a party and say “BYOB”, in fact it’s expected.  So why not say BYOWallet when you ask a friend out?

“Hey Courtney, wanna go to the soda shoppe this weekend? BYOW.”


Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

“Guys, I’m having a birthday party next weekend. BYOW.”

World, you are welcome.

Today, my mother and I (okay, mostly my mother) have changed the future.  I now see a future of simplicity when it comes to dating and hangouts.  You know how many fights and confusion will be avoided?  We should really get a Noble Peace Prize for this…



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