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“There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.” – Madeleine K. Albright

23 May

Thank you for the support recently.  I appreciate each and every one of you that reads my blog and shares it with others.  So thank you!  Anyway, moving along to something very exciting….A NEW BLOG POST! (queue the cheers).  “Thank you, thank you! I appreciate the enthusiasm”.

Today’s post was inspired by two things that went on in the past few days.  One of them is a five day workshop I’m currently doing that focuses on anti-oppression through film.  The short we’re doing is focused on gender discrimination, which for all that have read this blog or personally know me, know that I’m a feminist and a huge advocate for these issues.  Of course I’m a huge advocate for anti-discrimination in general too, but gender has been a big one for me.  So this short that we’re making is focused on gender discrimination and we’re going to play on a lesser shown issue, women on women discrimination.  This was one thing that influenced this post.  The second being something I watched in which a woman declared herself the anti-feminist.  Yeah, you heard me correctly.

It’s terrible that women are still daily oppressed by males, however, I’m almost finding it more depressing at how many women criticize and verbally abuse other women.  We all do it regarding ourselves, that “I’m not good enough” mentality, in which we convince ourselves being larger than a size two or not having the right hair or being darker than fair isn’t beautiful.  Judging ourselves is terrible as it is, but this hate on hate crime where women throw the same expectations upon other women or don’t see women’s worth so believe it’s acceptable for us to be any less than equal has got to STOP.  If you don’t see something wrong with this then I feel bad for you.  The first step is educating so that you can understand, so that you can empathize so that you can respect.

Living in Vancouver, I’m incredibly lucky and aware that we have a diverse community and what feels like very little discrimination or hate.  I will admit there are other places I’ve traveled to in BC that don’t hold the same values, but Vancouver is a hot spot for acceptance.  And those who don’t have those beliefs tend to keep their feelings to themselves.  However, I’ve noticed one form of discrimination that seems to be ignored in North America (most likely because we still have it better than those in other countries) is gender.

I am 100% aware that in some countries women have the unfortune of being beaten, killed or disowned for simply having another man look at them, and that so many women in other countries don’t even have a voice in their own homes.  Or even worse, are forced to marry their rapists or are told it’s their fault for even being raped.  This is obviously unacceptable and something needs to change, but I’ve been beginning to worry how can we preach and educate others on how to treat women when there is still such large gender discrimination out here.

There’s men vs. women discrimination in which a man can state or insinuate that a woman isn’t as qualified as a man.  Almost every woman I know has experienced some kind of work place hate, which can definitely include even getting paid less than a male coworker with the same position.  I’m sorry but what screams out that you can do this job better than me?  Do you have all of that insightful male wisdom from the possession of a prostate?  Oh, I forgot!  It must be your superior hand eye coordination from years of playing video games.  What’s that?  You think I AM better than you at something?  Oh, being in the kitchen.  Yeah, THAT’s how you get a girlfriend buddy…

And why do some guys find it acceptable to call us “sweetie”, “babe”, “hun”, “lil mama” or “lil shorty” when they do NOT even know us?  And then they’re going to get angry when you don’t immediately fall head over heels for their irresistible charm?  I’m sorry, but do I look like your mom?  Let’s take a second to applaud all of the guys that know how to REALLY compliment a woman.  And especially the guys who understand when you’re not interested and don’t become aggressive or rude if you’re not.  Objectifying women is so common, I think some guys don’t even realize how not to do it.

Of course there are the extremely offensive stereotypes, active from years ago when interracial marriage Imagewas illegal, people were never openly gay and women couldn’t even vote.  So yes obviously it makes sense that women should still be in the kitchen, because we haven’t progressed from any of that.  A tip to guys who actually want to one day get married or at least get laid, take “make me a sandwich” and every other sexist joke out of your vocabulary.

I find that where men are concerned these are the most common forms of gender discrimination, however, let’s not forget that abuse is also present in North America.  That topic is just too huge for one blog, let alone a portion of one.

There’s also women vs. women discrimination, which if you remember was the whole reason I wrote this blog.  Well that didn’t take too long to get to my point…

Women think it’s okay to call each other “bitches”, “hos”, “whores”, “sluts”, “skanks” and very many other choice words.  We have a tendency to rate women based on their appearance rather than the content of their character.  Wow…doesn’t that sound familiar?  Obviously there’s an unrealistic expectation of women put out by the media, and if you haven’t figured that out yet…wow.


This unrealistic expectation can thank photoshop and displays a trim figure that some how eats McDonalds, a perfect face that claims thanks to one product, shiny wavy hair that “every” woman has.  And what’s more, the media has convinced us we all look alike (or should, at least).  The mold is a tall, thin, big boobed blonde (it feels only recently that brunettes or red heads have become more desired), fair skinned, perfect faced woman.  These women DO in fact exist in a magical land called Sweden (I’ve heard you can get there through Narnia and taking a left at Middle Earth, just FYI).  So not to say that these aren’t a type of real woman, however, much like how there isn’t just one race, there isn’t just one type of woman.

It comes down to REEL women vs. REAL women.  What the media puts out there isn’t a fair depiction of the majority of REAL women.  But we’re smart people, we understand.  Right?  Apparently not, because there’s this expectation that we must look a certain way. And let’s be honest, if you grow up an average height, larger, big breasted, brunette with darker than tanned skin there’s not much you can do to become that unachievable woman.  I mean all I really had going for me were the boobs, and any big breasted woman will tell you, they’re not as fun as they look.    Eventually the lucky women pick up on that it’s not wrong to not look like the girls in the media.  But the huge amounts of girls who put this pressure on themselves to be something else also put this pressure on other women, women they usually don’t even know.

Self hate is a terrible thing, but to expect something of someone else because of your own personal expectations is just plain silly.  Now many girls believe not only do they have to look like a Swedish girl, but so do all of their friends and all of the girls passing them on the street.  I’m sure most of us know someone who has brutally critiqued how another woman looks behind her back, “She’s HUGE!” “Ew, did you see what she was wearing?” “Oh my gosh, her boyfriend was so hot but she was fugly!” (Do people still say fugly?).  I’ll even admit, I myself have gasped at other women’s outfit selections.  It just happens, it’s natural for us to have expectations of others.  And that is wrong.

Apparently some young ladies in high school go as far as to rate each other based on appearances. Where do we get off assuming that someone is fat because they’re not a size zero, or ugly because they have a different shaped face than some model?  Women on women hate is terrible.  To some extent it’s worse than man on women hate.  There’s always been this expectation of men and women and how they should behave so it kind of makes sense that some men just don’t understand how women have different options now and aren’t required to be any where or anyone.  However, women tearing each other down because of media expectations?  That’s fucked up.  Excuse the swearing, but REALLY?!   You’d think that women would want to support each other through this gender war, but instead we need to protect ourselves against men AND women?  And I haven’t even begun to discuss the anti-feminist women.


There’s a woman (and somehow I expect there may be others who share the same demeaning thought cycle) who has claimed herself as an “anti-feminist”.  She starts out this video by explaining that she thinks it made sense back in the day when women couldn’t vote because they weren’t educated.  Uh…what the fuck? – again, sorry for the swearing! – Do you not realize that women had an education far different from any man, she would have understood what would have been required to raise a family and keep a stable household.  An opinion that should have been highly valued if she were allowed to vote.

Then this woman (you know what?  I’m sorry, I think of “woman” and I think strong, confident, powerful.  So I really can’t call this girl a woman).  This girl goes on to say that she thinks the 50s had it right when wives were homemakers and whatnot.  There’s even a quote below the video that is something along the lines of “women are better than men at somethings, such as cooking, cleaning and making babies”.  Another favorite quote of mine, “women in government? that scares me”.  Yes, YOU in government would terrify me.  Her facts to back up this quote are Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.  Uh…yeah, not the greatest example.  Oh wait, she then admits that she’s a right wing Conservative to the core..THERE it is.  This is starting to make sense…However, in another video she mentions that she supports gay rights.  Cause being a Conservative and supporting gay rights makes sense.   Sorry, I’m a little off topic.

At the end she also admits to sounding like “the biggest idiot ever”.  The first step is admitting it.  CHECK.  I don’t want to be a hypocrite and hate on this girl, but I can’t take her seriously, and I was so disturbed watching it.  Even sadder, most people who watched the video agreed with her.

One comment:

Feminism is just narcissism.

Women have all the rights they could possibly want. But feminists expect to be showered with sympathy and they want to blame their personal failings on men as a group.

Holy mother of God.  Having rights on paper is not the same thing as having RIGHTS.  A man will never be judged the same way as a woman.  And that’s not to say that there isn’t gender discrimination towards men. I 100% believe that there is and perhaps I’ll write a separate blog on that issue.  But concerning women, a woman is not only expected to be a certain way but what is natural and makes us strong, men will use and see as a weakness.  “Oh, you must be PMSing” is one of the most ignorant statements a guy can make.  In writing we have rights, but opportunities will be taken away from us because we have a vagina.  For most men, the most opportunity taken away from you is the ability to birth a child.  Sorry, if that was your life long dream.

Here’s the link to the  EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE video so that you may also be disturbed:

Here’s the thing about feminism, and this should be the legal dictionary definition.  Feminism is about choice.  What we want is the opportunity for women to choose if they want to be stay at home moms (which I totally support!) or want to have a career of their own.  And everything in between, if you want to be both a mom and career woman, or be independent and travel, whatever you want to do.  The point is to have choice without judgement or expectations.  And of course to be treated equally.  Some men seem to believe that feminists are demanding more than equality, as to make women superior to men.  Maybe we’ll go after superiority after we first achieve equality.

So there you have it.

We need to all make a conscious decision to be more aware of the things we say.  We live in a country where we’re lucky enough to have freedom of speech and rights, but everyone wants to take away everyone else’s freedom of choice.  And yes, this applies to EVERYTHING.  If you don’t agree with someone’s lifestyle, whether it be because they’re homosexual or because they are a woman and have chosen to have a successful career, you DO NOT have to have the same lifestyle but can you PLEASE respect peoples’ CHOICE to choose their own lifestyle?  You don’t even need to be friends with people if you don’t agree with the lifestyle they have but just give people the courtesy of letting them make their own decisions without the judgement.

I’d like to end with a short produced by Reel Youth in Vancouver, it’s an emotional story on female discrimination:

Hopefully you enjoy that and take something of importance from this blog.

Have a wonderful day!


Support Art!

14 May

For those of you who have yet to read my post from last night/very early this morning, it’d be great if you guys could check that out right below (there’s a video and then a blog before that).  Thanks for your support!  

Moving along to other local artists…

Those of you who follow my twitter (@siarrahkane – don’t you want to know what goes on every second of my day?) may have noticed that I was at a craft fair this past weekend.  Many of you don’t know this, but I have absolutely zero talent when it comes to arts&crafts, seriously, you should see the homemade birthday cards I make for my friends.  So I have the utmost respect and jealousy towards anyone who can do anything of the nature.  There was so much talent at the fair and I’d like to take the opportunity to showcase some of what I saw so that if anyone is interested they may contact the artists.  You know I love to support locals and art, and you should too 🙂


This ^ is Jaida and she’s only eleven.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a nanny/babysitter/caregiver…whatever you want to call it, but I am and Jaida happens to be one of the kids ImageI used to babysit.  Jaida not only happens to be extremely talented, and make some beautiful jewelry, but she also happens to be an incredible little entrepreneur.  She had amazing business cards, she was extremely organized and knew how to make a profit and she even had an employee with her!  She’s definitely the kind of girl who is going to be extremely successful at anything she puts her mind to.




If you see any pieces you like, you can email Jaida at  Also, if you’d like something designed you can make a request (note this is at the discretion of the artist).  




The gorgeous jewelry above was made by Gracifer; her designs range from having a Victorian feel to being a bit edgier or even a little quirky.  She sells her stuff online at and her email is    



The adorable handmade dolls above were made by Anne-Marie Belanger.  You have the choice of choosing one of her delightful dolls or asking for a unique doll made just for you either by selecting fabric out of Anne-Marie’s catalogue or sending her your own fabric. She has a terrific website at, in which you can learn more and get in contact with her.   




The beautiful jewelry above is one of a kind, handcrafted out of woven wire by Jordana of Style Art Studio.  Her designs are elegant and unique, and she also does custom orders.  You can reach make a purchase at or reach her at


After watching her daughter painfully teethe, Naomi (pictured above) began using baltic amber teething necklaces which immediately made a difference.  Easy Teethe provides a drug free alternative that actually shows results.  You can read more on Naomi’s website and contact her via email at or by phone at 604.258.8203.  


Ninna is responsible for muckabout with clay n stuff, a source for her lead-free, dishwasher/microwave/oven-safe pottery.  You can see how much time and work goes into each beautiful piece and they’re perfect for just about anything, whether decoration, a source of organization or everyday kitchenware.  You can learn more at and you can contact Ninna via email at or by phone at 604.616.0024. 


Whips and Lathers provides an array of incredible smelling luxury spa products.  As you can see from the picture above, everything looks incredible and you can tell creator Carol is very dedicated to her work.  Carol can be reached via email at  



The adorable jewelry and accessories above are from Anniebuttons, a somewhat new designer who creates her pieces using all sorts of buttons.  I’ve got to say I loved the button bobby pins – so cute!  You can contact Anne via and at her website  


There were some more artists and talent, however I unfortunately don’t have contact information for them.  That being said, I’m just about done here.  I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of the artists; I really do have a huge amount of respect and admiration for all that you do, and it was lovely to see such talent.  

Also, for those of you who keep up with this blog (Grandma!) you know these past two days I’ve been more into promoting than ranting, and yes, it’s terribly hard for me to lock up the sarcasm and hilarity (and modesty, clearly).  So I do have something prepared, you’ll just have to come back and see.  

Anyway, before I head out, I wanted to share one more artist with you.  Unfortunately I don’t have her contact information, however, I believe she attends many craft fairs so I can only hope to see her again and that you guys may have the opportunity to purchase some of her work.  


The amazing paintings above were done by the extraordinary Rebecca Nosella.  Rebecca does a much better job telling her story than I do, so please read her story below.



Thanks for reading! Please contact the artists & hope you all have had a wonderful day! 


Canadian Frame(lines) Promotional Trailer

14 May

Amazing trailer made by Alexandra Caulfield and Ryder White! Read about their incredible project below!

Canadian Frame(lines)

14 May



I think it’s about time I talk to you guys about my friends Alex and Ryder and the project they’re working on.  I’ve chosen today because it coincides beautifully with the launch of their amazing trailer – YAY!  The project called Canadian Frame(lines) is a year long trip across Canada beginning January 1st, 2013 in which Alex and Ryder will ask the question “What is Canadian identity?”.  I’m sure you have a few ideas on Canadian identity, but I think the question is harder than it seems.  At some point I had a typical answer put together in my head, but after assisting with some interviews asking the question, I realized how incredibly hard it is to define a country’s identity.  Usually countries are defined by their politics, and more commonly, by those who control the media.  I think Alex and Ryder were so tired of seeing Canada inaccurately portrayed in the media that they wanted to present real Canadians with the chance to define it for themselves.  

What’s beautiful is people won’t just answer the question, they’ll show you their answers via short films captured on super8 film.  The plan is for Alex and Ryder to drive their bus PET across Canada, stopping in the towns you may have never even heard of and teaching those interested how to use and develop super8 film.  With this new skill people will film their interpretation of Canadian identity.  They’re going to showcase the footage in that town at the end of each stay, and at returning home to Vancouver have a screening of all the accumulated footage.  The best part is regardless of where you live or get the chance to participate, you can still participate! Sound a bit contradictory?  Let me explain.  Alex and Ryder are going to continue making weekly updates while on their trip – they’re already making them now to keep everyone updated on pre-production! – so anyone interested will get a chance to see what’s going on and where they’re at in their journey.  And you can post your own videos and comments.  I was lucky enough to join this incredible project back in December and couldn’t be happier to know such a passionate, ambitious, determined, focused and talented pair.  This is so different from anything I’ve ever seen or heard of, and I know there’s going to be great success for the project.  It’s not too late for you to get involved and start supporting this project by following their twitter, liking the facebook pages, checking out their blog and of course telling your friends.  What are you waiting for? 

Caulfield White Productions Twitter (their production company) –!/caulfieldwhite

Alex’s Twitter –!/arcaulfield

Ryder’s Twitter –!/ryderwhite

Caulfield White Productions Facebook –

Canadian Frame(lines) Facebook –

Canadian Frame(lines) Web Page –

Canadian Frame(lines) Youtube (find all of their weekly updates here!) –

Also, postcards were printed yesterday (I think..) so if you live in Vancouver look for those around.  And wherever you live if you’d like some to pass on to friends, or do whatever with, I know Alex and Ryder are being very generous and sending them out to people if you just send them a quick message asking.  

I know Alex and Ryder would appreciate and love the support! And so would I.  We’re all responsible (myself included) for easily following victim to terrible blockbusters and idolizing the wrong people – a Kardashian is no Audrey Hepburn! – so I think we should take advantage of the opportunities in which we can promote people who stand for something better than that, and who have a real message to share.  Anyway, I’d really love for you to all watch Alex and Ryder’s official trailer so I’m going to post that quickly right after this, so I guess technically it will be up above…and you may have already watched.  

Thanks to Alex and Ryder for including me in this amazing project and being the wonderful people you are!  I’m so excited for everything to come, you guys deserve the best of the best 🙂


Thanks for your support, hope you have/had a wonderful day! 

A Lesson in Class & Respect and The Definition of some Lost Words

7 May

So here we are yet again, so unfamiliar with one another; the consequence of my procrastination and taking over a week to blog.  I’m entirely to blame, partially due to my hectic work schedule lately and how tired it’s made me – caring for young children is tiring work, the kind where your arms hurt like you’ve been to the gym – and also my sudden writers’ block.  I have a list of blog topics to eventually get to, but I really need to be inspired by an idea to write anything with substance, and lately none of the ideas I was coming up with were inspiring me.  Hopefully you can appreciate that I’d rather write a quality blog that you and I can both truly be proud of, rather than write just for the sake of writing.  Am I correct in saying so?  Gosh, I have no idea why I’m being so formal right now.  It really does feel like we’re strangers.  Okay, let’s get reacquainted over a topic that you should all know I’m extremely passionate about, the equality and encouragement of women in the media.  

First off, for those of you who don’t read Bitch Flicks, you really should. They do a fantastic job of educating both men and women on the importance of an accurate portrayal of women in film.  I even admit that for many years, while respecting and adoring strong women, I didn’t do my part in taking the time to understand that hardly were these women evident in the films that I watched.  Let alone that these strong, respectable women were hardly even given opportunities behind the camera.  I don’t believe that just because people are unfamiliar with the lack of women in film or how terribly we’re portrayed means that they’re ignorant to the facts.  I believe people just haven’t realized it because there’s been no need to acknowledge something that in theory doesn’t quite seem wrong.  And sites like Bitch Flicks successfully bring up the discussion of the inaccurate portrayal of women in film so that in the future you’re more aware of what you’re watching.  In short, Bitch Flicks is wonderful and you should all check it out.  

As I was saying, I was reading this week’s Bitch Flicks Weekly Picks (their selection of articles they enjoyed and are promoting that week) and was horrified at one of the articles I read.  Melissa Silverstein of   Women and Hollywood discussed how female movie reviewer Amy Nicholson wrote a somewhat negative review of The Avengers.  Naturally this led a full on attack at Nicholson.  After reading some of the comments towards Nicholson and then the comments attached to Silverstein’s post, not only am I disgusted but I’d like to offer an opinion that you can choose whether or not you’d like to read. However, be warned, if you don’t like MY opinion and you decide to comment on such, I don’t play nice.  You’re entitled to YOUR opinion, but just know I don’t stand for intolerance or rudeness, and there is a way to voice your opinion without being a jackass.  


Avengers assembled and they kicked ass!

Being a woman who identifies as a bit of a nerd – yes I’ve read comics, idolize Batman, collect Captain America merchandise and am still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts – I literally counted down the days until The Avengers came out.  And I LOVED it.  I thought it was the perfect mix of humor and action, while the story stayed true to the characters that we’ve grown to love whether it be through reading comics or watching the buildup of films.  That being said, I noticed that the film wasn’t exactly pro-feminist, which is odd considering Joss Whedon directed and wrote the screenplay.  Though stuff like this bothers me and I’ve made a vow to honor the female characters in my films, being a movie lover of all genres, I tend to just ignore any critiques I could make concerning the portrayal of women.  In short, I can love a movie and in no way does that mean that everything is done accurately.  So yes, The Avengers had its faults but I genuinely loved it.  Obviously Amy Nicholson did not feel the same way but guess what?  It’s HER opinion.  

I can’t quite understand why people can’t grasp what an opinion is (you’re welcome).  To me, an opinion is the most originality we have left.  No one is original any more, and even most of our opinions are a collaboration of thoughts we’ve accumulated from what we’ve read, seen or heard.  In short, other people’s thoughts.  So to go against the grain and have your OWN thoughts and ideas, your own opinion is beautiful.  People should respect that.  And yes, you are subject to your own opinion as well but this is where manners come in (did you not know what those were either?).  Saying “I disagree with you and here’s why…” is a very polite way to voice your opinion; throwing in words like ‘bitch’ and saying ‘go back to the kitchen’ is sexist, immature, disgusting, volatile, repulsive, rude and makes you look like the scum of the Earth.  In fact, the kind who hides behind computers to tell someone off for having an OPINION.  This person did not murder or rape another person, nor have they committed any other crime or even said anything remotely offensive to you.


Obviously! And one does not simply not like Lord of the Rings.

I’ll admit, I’ve met people who have not liked Lord of the Rings (what the hell, right?! Don’t even get me started..), or Harry Potter (silly muggles), and recently even a non-superhero fan (SERIOUSLY?!?!).  And when I hear that these people think negatively of something I am so passionate about, it hurts a little, and I’d be lying if I said I don’t do everything in my power to try and change their minds and I’ll even make the typical “Do you live under a rock?!” or “Clearly something’s missing there..” jokes.  But the point is, clearly, this just isn’t their cup of tea.  Yes, I’m a little upset and may even question my judgement in friends if they don’t understand how bloody amazing and life changing Harry Potter was for me, but their opinion isn’t a personal assault against me.  It gets personal if they start dissing me, in which case they’re in the wrong and I reserve the right to maturely have a controlled “discussion” on how Middle-earth IS realistic.  Otherwise, we all need to understand how an opinion is ALWAYS valid, and while we may retort an opinion we must do so with dignity and class.  

I’m not familiar with Amy Nicholson’s previous reviews and whether or not she has a bias against action films, but what I do know is chances are there are people who not only read Nicholson’s reviews but also usually agree with them.  And stop me if I’m wrong, but generally a review is designed so that instead of spending an arm and a leg to see a movie you’re not 100% positive about, you can read a review from someone you trust and typically agree with. So if Nicholson has supporters who generally agree with her and she’s just provided an honest review, those readers may have just saved their mortgage instead of watching a movie they probably wouldn’t have enjoyed.  

In all honesty, it doesn’t even seem like Amy knows her Marvel facts.  At one point she comments on how there’s no character development, but fans knows this film works perfectly even with a large cast because Marvel was able to lay the groundwork, character development and all in the five lead-up films.  She even critiques the most EPIC battle of all time for taking place in downtown Manhattan and not having more ambition, to which I say, Manhattan was made for smashing (somewhere a terrorist alert is going off).  While I wasn’t pleased with the review myself, what disturbed me even more were the comments.  

Men AND women posted harsh comments on how only men should review ‘boycentric’ films, calling Nicholson cruel names and sending ill wishes.  I’d like to think that it isn’t because Nicholson is a woman, but rather because they didn’t agree with her review.  However, this isn’t the case, one woman said that Nicholson gave women a bad name, while a few men made ‘stay in the kitchen’ comments.  EXCUSE ME?! Seriously dude it’s 2012, not our fault you didn’t learn how to cook.  Image

As mentioned, I’m a HUGE comic book and superhero lover and most of my girl friends are too, so let me just add that I don’t believe in ‘boycentric’ films any more.  There are still chick flicks but that’s not our fault, it’s just because most guys just aren’t into a sappy love story (some are, and that’s okay too!), but ‘boycentric’ films no longer exist.  More and more women love action films with little substance and lots of explosions.  I’m not surprised, it’s 2012 and as we already know Hollywood tends to be a man’s world so it makes perfect sense that women get used to these types of films and have started to enjoy them.  It can’t go unnoticed that these so called ‘boycentric’ films are the ones that top the box offices, and that’s because both genders enjoy them. I would have liked to have seen The Avengers passing the $200 million mark this weekend without women in attendance.  Good luck with that.  

Anyway, as you probably remember, I lose focus easily while writing.  So back on point, as much as I’d like to believe the fact that Amy Nicholson is a woman isn’t the reason for the backlash, it’s definitely part of the ammunition being spat at her.  And that’s what’s wrong, how does the fact that she’s a woman have any part in the reasoning behind her review?  Maybe it does, but who are you to make that call?  And to everyone who defended Nicholson, many men used the fact that they were feminists and so would stand up for any woman even if she were guilty as an excuse.  Sorry, but that’s complete bullshit.  Maybe I’m naive, but I’d like to believe that feminist women would never promote a woman just because she’s a woman.  I mean, what would that say about women if we were to stand behind Casey Anthony just because she has a vagina?  I’d like to believe, content and substance has everything to do with it.  Victimizing another person for their opinion is wrong, and that’s what we’re supporting, not the fact that she’s a woman.  It just so happens the issue becomes a feminist one because a bunch of assholes need to bring up that her opinion is based on the fact that she’s a woman.  I’m starting to think the point of this whole blog is people are ignorant.  


Maybe you’ll grow out of it…

Okay, so maybe you skipped everything because it’s looking like this is going to be ridiculously long, so here’s a bit of a summary:

I don’t think Amy Nicholson was being bashed for being a woman, but when given the chance people like to use what they believe are our so called ‘weaknesses’ against us.  Without a doubt, Nicholson being a woman was used against her.  And not only is that wrong, it’s weak.  What’s more, we shouldn’t slam people for their opinions. There is no gray here, victimizing someone for their opinion is simply black or white and in no way is it okay.  To me that is the biggest issue here.  How pathetic is it that we can’t safely share our thoughts?  



All of that being said, I do have one last thing I’d like to mention, – I know, I know!  This is taking forever and most likely at this point my grammar is terrible and my whole point doesn’t even make sense any more. What can I say?  It’s starting to get late and I’m tired. – just an OPINION I’d like to share.  I noticed some comments on Melissa Silverstein’s post on the matter turned into a short lived discussion on The Dark Knight Rises versus The Avengers.  While I’m much more a Marvel fan over DC, Batman can do no wrong, and even better, Christopher Nolan is a genius.  So to whoever said Batman is boring…sorry, some people just weren’t made to understand it’s brilliance.  This is a risky bet, but I think The Dark Knight Rises will beat out The Avengers at the box office; the finale of one of the best told superhero series of all time? Uh, hello!  While The Avengers is light and comical and full of explosions, the kind of movie you bring your kids to. TDKR is dark, twisty, relevant, smart and the kind of movie that makes people shout out in the theater (“F Yeah, Bane!”).  It’s not even a fair competition.  Feel free to voice your opinion. 😉


Hope you have a wonderful day.  

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