Oscars 2012

28 Feb

Why hello, hello! I’ve been quite on top of this thing, eh? (a little Canadian humour there). First off, this isn’t exactly an Oscars blog because it’s a little tasteless to post about the Oscars more than 24 hours after it’s ended.  Not quite sure if this is a rule, but we should make it one! It can be like “Don’t wear white after Labor Day”.  Anywho…this is an Oscar/talking about myself blog.  I can tell you’re excited already..

So the reason I’m late on this Oscar stuff anyway is because I spent the evening of the Oscars watching the Oscar showing at a theater before running over (and missing Meryl’s speech and the Artist’s win) to The Fray concert just down the street from us.  Quite the night, eh?  And needless to say, I was tired when I got home. And this morning I had previous commitments…called some R&R 😉  So here’s my Oscar talk, I guess, just keep in mind I’ve decided to be er…polite tonight.  Let’s ditch the negative talk since everyone else always has that covered.

Okay, who looked good? I may be forgetting some women but off the top of my head, Emma Stone (she ALWAYS looks great..seriously!), Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Michelle Williams, Penelope Cruz, and Angelina Jolie.  I’m going to refrain from talking about Angie’s leg because, remember, I’m being positive! And the positive factor here is, I almost never love what Angie wears.  I think Emma probably had my favorite look though.  Maybe she can just pull of anything, but seriously her stylist is incredible.

THRILLED to see Midnight in Paris win Best Screenplay.  Ohmygosh yes! I love Woody Allen and I loved Midnight in Paris, but I felt people sorely underrated it so it’s so great to see it win a well deserved Oscar. Also, thrilled with all of The Artist’s wins, especially Best Picture and Best Actor.  Jean Dujardin is a stone cold fox who has some serious acting chops for a dude who says all but two words.  Actually, I was extremely happy with all of the actor wins last night.  Even Meryl! Being a woman of color, part of me did want Viola to win but when Meryl’s name was announced I didn’t feel as if I had been cheated at all. It really was a close race all the way to the end.

Let me just say, if another certain picture had taken home Best Picture I may not be in such a positive only mood. But because I’m being positive let me say what I enjoyed this year, I thought most of the presenters were fabulous. Especially Emma Stone…okay, it’s clear to everyone I have a big girl crush on her.  I’ll just take this moment to clarify, this girl crush blossomed during Zombieland.  Anywho, I actually enjoyed the opening sequence, and I’ve got to say I loved the video of actors discussing their movie watching experiences and whatnot.  Without being a negative nelly, this year wasn’t super exciting..am I alone here?

Okay, moving along because I’m tired (that’s why this post will be pictureless MUAHAHAHAH nothing to make this post more attractive or distract from it’s length! I’m a monster!!!!).  I went to a script chat and feedback session this past weekend and it was an incredible experience! I had planned to discuss it in more deeply, however, I really am tired so I’m thinking a later post?  I just wanted to bring it up because I never realized how many free resources there are for artists and I suggest any artists go look at what’s out there for them.

That is it folks! So uh…I guess it was just an Oscar post. Let’s start that Oscar rule next year then, shall we? Hope you had a lovely day, or will have a lovely day, wherever you are..



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