Hollywood Mind Trick + Happy Superbowl Sunday!

6 Feb

Once again, it has been awhile since I’ve blogged. But I happen to be a somewhat busy girl. I mean between working, and ‘school’ and TV you can imagine how extremely busy I am.  Alas, I have made way in my busy schedule to uh write a very important blog.  However, fair warning, I am currently watching City of Angels (don’t ask) so if this post does not 100% make sense it’s not because I’m off my meds again! Yay for sanity!


So today was the Superbowl.  When it comes to sports, football is without a doubt my favorite sport to watch.  My favorite team is the Saints, so I was pretty PO that they didn’t make it to the Superbowl. I decided to instead root for the New York Giants today, because I don’t know where New England is*. And the Giants won 21-17, so obviously my method for selection worked!  I always pick the winner so I’m pretty sure I’m like that octopus that can predict games and people should start paying me to do so…Or I guess I should just start gambling.  Anyway, wow, I’m really caught up in this movie and that’s coming from a Nicolas Cage non-fan.  Okay, so the moral of this Superbowl story is the new Avengers trailer aired!!! I am so over excited for this movie it’s not even funny.  I’m such a huge Captain America fan, it’s probably too much for my own good.  I actually cried when the trailer played and now May 4th is eagerly circled on my calendar. May the fourth be with you!!! Now all of this has been leading up to my very exciting blog on…ACTORS WHO PLAY MORE THAN ONE SUPERHERO. 


Maybe I’m an overreacting superhero fangirl nerd but I get a little confused when the same actor plays different superheros but the stories don’t cross over.  Sorry Chris Evans! My brother thinks this is only an accurate argument when discussing the same universe, for example, Chris Evans is bad because the Human Torch and Captain America are both from the Marvel universe. However, Halle Berry is good *shudder* because Catwoman is from the DC universe and Storm is from Marvel*.  I think the universe of the comics shouldn’t matter.  It’s just darn right confusing!  

Captain America was pre- Fantastic Four; so after waking from his deep sleep did he serve time with The Avengers, tell Nick Fury to screw off and then join the Fantastic Four?  And where did his sister come from? We all know Captain America’s parents died!  And when did spontaneous combustion become a power of the Capt? Argh!  So confused…WHO ARE YOU!?!!? In other news, I really love Chris Evans. Like, if Ryan Gosling didn’t exist, we could get married. 

I’m pretty sure Storm would have been pre- Catwoman.  And if I remember correctly she was born in Africa – OH DARN IT! I HATE THE PART WHEN MEG RYAN DIES!!* – and later recruited by Professor X.  So what I can gather from this is, at some point after joining the X-Men, she decided Magneto and the brotherhood were right…a life of crime was better suited for mutants.  But apparently, her skills of…uh…her skills aren’t value towards a life of crime so she sells her soul to cats in order to gain the abilities of her feline friends.  And suddenly she’s robbing banks! The X-Men behind her.  The only thing that’s not making sense is…WHY WOULD ANYONE LEAVE THE X-MEN?!?! Clearly, Storm had been caught in one too many hurricanes.  Oddly enough, the creators of Storm had considered calling her the Black Cat.  They were probably just predicting the future. 

And then there’s Ryan Reynolds.  Reynolds plays Deadpool in X-Men Origins, as well as the Green Lantern.  Apparently the Green Lantern was voted the Best Superhero of 2011 by some ridiculous pot smoking teenagers.  Anyone who has seen that movie knows if Reynolds got the vote, he was sleeping with the judges. I mean, at some point his abs could have gotten the vote, but did anyone see Thor?!  Just the thought of the Green Lantern makes my skin crawl.  Anyway, the point is, Deadpool decided to become a green lantern*?!  Deadpool is KICK ASS! Seriously, that guy could take out the whole green lantern race. So why in the world would he give that up for some stupid green suit, a ring and a Imagelantern?  It baffles my mind!!

Do you see what I mean?  Are you as confused as I am?  I watch these movies and obsessively puzzle over why these characters left their former and far more superior lives?  I once cried in frustration as I attempted to – hold on City of Angels is done and I’m putting Sleepless in Seattle on* – create a plausible story line that would answer all of my questions.  Trust me, THERE IS NO PLAUSIBLE STORYLINE!!!  And I will never get those 36 hours back!  And I’ll probably never get responses from Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans and Halle Berry’s agents on why they never considered the confusion it would lead up to by having their client audition and accept the roles of two different superheros.  All I can say is, the world is a cruel place and there will never be answers to some questions.  There will never be an answer to what came first, the chicken or the egg; where babies come from; or why in the world anyone would want to confuse faithful comic book nerds.  I’m actually starting to believe this whole double superhero act is a ploy put together by the VAA (Villains of America Association). They’ve become far more wickedly evil since placing Loki in charge.  It really wouldn’t surprise me. 


Hope you had a wonderful day!


*Okay, so apparently New England is a compilation of 6 states which I think is a little cheap so happy I stuck with the Giants. 

*But really we all know Halle Berry is terrible for ruining the character Storm and the good name of Catwoman that Michelle Pfeiffer worked so hard to create.

*Spoiler Alert! Oops too late.

*Is that even what they’re called? I wouldn’t know. The idea just seems lacking to me. 

*Yes, I have a thing for Meg Ryan. No, I’m not ashamed. Yes, I’d prefer if you wouldn’t tweet that.



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