The INJUSTICE that is the Oscar nominations

24 Jan

I know I’m not the only one who is disappointed with the Academy this morning.  The 2012 Oscar nominations were released and as per usual there were some snubs, but this year when I say snubs I mean an INJUSTICE (I’m just going to go on writing that word in capital letters so you may as well get used to it).


Those who know me know I love Ryan Gosling (okay, anyone who checks out my twitter page knows) and so of course I believe the biggest snub was no nomination for Mr. Gosling.  There were hardly any Top 10 lists I read that didn’t include Drive, or at least mention it.  The film was brilliant! And there was no Gosling love or Drive love! Except for a nomination in something to do with sound, or in other words, a category that no one really cares about (sorry sound guys!).  Would it have really hurt the Academy to nominate Drive for Best Picture?!  I haven’t seen Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close but I have heard terrible things, and yet the Academy felt the need to hand a nomination out there but forget about Drive?! and Bridesmaids?! and HARRY F*CKING POTTER?!?! I don’t even know why I wrote that in Italic but I’m upset.  I would have understood if the Academy nominated Ryan for Ides of March, but there was nothing!! NADA! And what did Drive get? No Best Actor nom! No Directing nom! No Best Picture nom! No SUPPORTING ACTOR nom!!! All this in consideration, it feels as if the Academy gave Drive a giant slap in the face.  So all I can hope for is that Mr. Gosling and his perfectly sculpted biceps stomp the Academy’s face in.  Preferably in an elevator, while wearing a satin scorpion jacket to 80s pop music.

Speaking of Ryan Gosling, people have called 2011 the Year of the Gos.  And while I love him, wasn’t this more the Year of Fassie?  Or even the Year of Chastain.  Okay, maybe the Year of the Gos sounds better but the point I’m slowly getting at was no nom for Michael Fassbender?  Despite being in (correct me if I’m mistaken) 4 films, all of which were fantastic representations of what Fassbender is capable of and even being told by everyone’s favorite man, George Clooney at the Golden Globes that he was well-endowed and could play golf without his hands (wink wink) there was no nomination for Fassie.  The Academy is known for being conservative so I don’t think anyone expected a Best Picture nom for Shame but Fassbender is the kind of actor the Academy loves and so do the women…er…people!

On a positive note, Gary Oldman was nominated!! How could someone so incredible not have been nominated before?  There was actual shock this morning, not that he was nominated, but that this was his FIRST nomination.  Talk about being the most under appreciated actor.  I’m almost positive the Academy is patting themselves on the back, assuming people will be grateful towards them nominating Mr. Oldman.  I, however, question why the hell they’re finally getting around to it.  What took you so long?!

As mentioned Bridesmaids and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 were among the Best Picture snubs.  Here’s the thing, I don’t think anyone expected the Academy to come up with 9 nominees.  We were thinking more like 7 this year.  But obviously they had a change of heart and made it 9…9 is so close to 10. Almost too close.  Academy, why couldn’t you just throw in one more?  We’re not stupid, we wouldn’t have expected a win but for movies with such huge fans (especially Harry Potter) there would have been some major celebrating and maybe, just maybe we would have overlooked all of the other snubs.  Remember Academy, snobs snub.

People are saying Spielberg was snubbed in a Directing nomination, however, I didn’t see War Horse and despite everything I still don’t want to.  I’m actually pleased with the Directing nominees.  I wasn’t the hugest Hugo or The Descendents fan however I’m finding it harder and harder to avoid those not getting nominated. So all in all, Woody Allen got a nom and of course The Artist so I’m happy.  Concerning Spielberg I think he was snubbed in the Animated category.  I loved Tin Tin and so did the Hollywood Foreign Press who awarded it with a Golden Globe.  And wasn’t it odd it was snubbed for some animated features no one has ever heard of?  Maybe I’m out of the loop but what is Chico & Rita? and A Cat in Paris? And are we really going to act like Kung Fu Panda 2 was better than Tin Tin? This is embarrassing.

I find the Actress in a Leading Role category is a toughie.  I really enjoyed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I suppose I owe that to Rooney Mara’s performance.  I really respect that Rooney put such dedication into a role and played a character that wasn’t her at all (or maybe there’s a dark and twisty Rooney in there?), however, I’m torn because Tilda Swinton in the We Need to Talk About Kevin trailer is enough to make me know she deserves a nom.  I haven’t seen We Need to Talk About Kevin yet, but I hear great things and knowing the actress Tilda is, I believe it.  Also, people are upset about Charlize Theron not being nominated and I love her, loved Young Adult, but it is a tricky category…Obviously Meryl will win and I guess it didn’t really matter who else was nominated.

Speaking of women, the Actress in a Supporting Role category I felt had the best nominees.  All the women chosen are definitely deserving and I feel as if there was mutual celebration between everyone this morning after hearing that Melissa McCarthy was nominated for her role in Bridesmaids.  I’m sure the Academy knew there was no way getting out of that one.  Also, Bridesmaids got a very well deserved nomination in the Original Screenplay category.  And so did Woody Allen! That being said, I didn’t expect too much 50/50 love but not even a Original Screenplay nom? How was that not original? And beautifully told!?

Ending on a  Drive note, Albert Brooks apparently didn’t play a good enough crime boss for the Academy.  INJUSTICE!  Brooks and Andy Serkis as ape Caesar should go shake up the Academy good, teach them to mess with a great thing.  I don’t even think Mr. Brooks would have cared if he had lost to Christopher Plummer again, it’s just nice to be included, ya know?  Maybe you didn’t understand Drive, Academy, but can’t you appreciate a f*cking brilliant performance? Well you know what? Joke is on you!  If my twitter sources are correct, Patton Oswalt, Albert Brooks, Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Charlize Theron, and Tilda Swinton are having a party of their own.  And that sounds like the place to be. Remember  Academy, snobs snub.

Okay that is all…I think. Seriously, I lost track awhile back.  Let me know who else was snubbed. Or even what you’re excited about.  I’m thinking the Oscars are turning into the new Golden Globes (this fits nicely with my theory that the Golden Globes are the new MTV Awards…in other words, we lost the ability to define great cinema and talent).  If one thing is certain, it is if this ever surfaces so a member of the Academy reads it, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll never be invited to the Academy Awards (there goes that dream!).  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

And remember, what’s our word of the day? INJUSTICE!


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