New Obsession: Community

21 Jan

Because pictures make what I have to say seem more important.

I have been MIA for the pastcouple of days because of this special new thing in my life called Community.  You know that incredible TV show that apparently not enough people watch because it is currently MIA until the Spring (blasphemous!)?  Yes, that one.  Oh you thought I meant an actual community.  That’s cute.

My friend got me season 1 for my Bday and I watched all of season 1 in the span of 3 days, season 2 in the span of 2 and season 3 (well what’s been aired of it) in 1.  Now, that I have caught up and I have to wait until spring for new episodes I feel…well empty inside.  And so it is suiting for me to refer to the episode where Abed discovered that Cougar Town was going to be MIA for awhile and so he needed a new show.  Without a show he was an empty mute shell that stared at his computer screen.  This is me.  I miss it so much and I only finished the last episode 1 hour 22 minutes 43 seconds ago.

I miss their movie/TV references, Pierce’s inappropriate jokes, Troy and Abed’s bromance, that old guy Leonard who would be the coolest grandpa ever, and even that black guy who says “Pop pop!”.  And without Community I’ll just have to imagine that Jeff and Annie finally get together, that Magnitude gets a new catch phrase, that Abed finds the girl of his dreams, that Britta stops being…Britta (is it just me or is she annoying? Shirley at times too), that Pierce continues to tell stupid offensive jokes that I laugh at, and that there will be a paint ball episode at the end of season 3!!

I know Community hasn’t been cancelled.  But having to wait till spring is almost just as bad.  At least if it was cancelled there wouldn’t be any unanswered questions and even if there were I would be a man about it and accept fate.  But waiting sucks! Waiting means that I know there are unanswered questions.  Now everything is rushing to my head!! So many scenarios and options.  This will undoubtedly be my life for the next few months.

(insert sarcasm now) So thank you NBC for making me wait until SPRING and for not even providing an exact date but being broad and offering a season instead!  (continue with sarcasm)  And thank you Dan Harmon for creating such a wonderful show (not really sarcastic, this is true) that I am so addicted to I will forever feel like an empty shell until it’s back on air.  (sarcasm is still going strong)  And thank you to my friend who got me the show because it really hasn’t impacted my life at all (that was just oozing with sarcasm).

Also, I want to take this chance to say I have a crush on Joel McHale and he’s kind of old – okay 40, but considering my age he’s old and he’s probably married anyway – and also he will forever be the thinking or smelling guy from What’s Your Number? and that’s hard for me to muster.  Do I want to be with Jeff Winger or the thinking or smelling guy?  And is Joel McHale even similar to those guys? So many questions and no answers..all thanks to this new addiction that has taken over my life.

I’ve been hit with a sudden realization…I think I have an addictive personality.  But perhaps this is a blog for another day.

Okay, I’m off now to watch one of my favorite chick flicks, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.  I apologize for being MIA for awhile, for overly gushing about Community and for those who have yet to watch Community but may begin after reading this…I apologize for dragging you in.  THERE IS NO WAY OUT!

Have a great day!


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