Work in Progress: My Room

15 Jan

The house I currently live in with my family has been our home for the past 7 years and in those 7 years we have yet to finish my room.  I started out with a light pink and chocolate brown themed room, but as I got older we started to change the decor to suit my age.  We’re finally at the point where my room is almost complete and the funny thing is…I’m moving out in September!  Anyway, I’m pretty proud of what my room looks like now, though I don’t have any before photos to show you but just take my word for it, it looks a lot better!

The only things we need to finish are the floors (they are a navy blue color with paint specs on it from the original owners, so they need to be sanded down and painted), the wall trim, my closet door (it needs another layer of paint), my dresser (needs to be sanded down and painted), and my room door needs major work.

Okay, so I guess that’s a lot that needs to be done.  But considering it’s really changed into something I can be proud of and that I’m moving out in a few months anyway, I’m not too worried about the rest being finished.

So, I guess what I’m getting at is I figured I’d share some photos of what my room looks like. Enjoy!


My room has an office/closet/living room/bedroom feel to it.  So in honor of that we got me an Ikea sofa bed, which I love!  The bed is very comfortable, and I have lots of room for activities (if you didn’t get that reference then maybe we shouldn’t be friends…)! And to be perfectly honest I usually sleep on it when it’s a couch anyway.  As you can see, the walls are white with chocolate brown trim (from the original room).  And I have this incredible picture of London (also from Ikea!) above my bed with some red accent that matches my red throw.


This is probably my favorite thing in my room.  I’ve wanted it for awhile but hadn’t made my way to Ikea so my Grandma (Hi Grandma! I know you’re probably the only one reading this ;)) got it for me for Christmas.  I previously had no space in my room to put my books or files or more importantly, my obsession, magazines.  So this rolling coffee table has been a life saver! Before this I had everything piled up on my vanity so this really gives me a lot more space and I can push it any where when I need room.  From this picture you can see my green storage bin on the bottom that is currently my school utilities bin (home to pens, pencils,calculators,mini notebooks,etc).  Next to that you can see a magazine pile.  As mentioned, I’m obsessed with collecting magazines, but I don’t keep them forever.  I only really buy Cosmo and Glamour and the occasional Seventeen, but after reading them I cut out everything I like and throw them out.  This pile is the pile that I have yet to go through just due to a lack of time.  Next to those is a file folder that organizes everything from magazine pictures to finances.  You can’t see the other side in this picture, but the other side is just extra books that aren’t in storage, school books, agendas and notebooks.  On the top of the table are the magazines I’m currently reading (and a cute diamond paper weight!), the two books I’m currently reading (The White Queen and Mindy Kaling’s Is Everybody Hanging Out With Me?) and a cute candle.  Also, I use the table a lot while on my computer.

ImageAcross from my bed is my closet.  I have an actual closet but I had a hard time getting to my clothes and fitting everything in there so I find this works a lot better for me.  On the right hand side is a hat/coat rack that’s home to my purses coats and hats (hence the name).  Next to that is my rolling rack organized by clothing style and color.  Below that (though you can’t see very well) are my shoes, and above that is a shelf that is home to my extra shoes and a lovely picture of Audrey Hepburn.  On the left of the rolling rack is my funky red laundry basket and I have an Audrey Hepburn calendar (I’m a huge fan).  Next to that is the dresser that still needs finishing (we want to paint it white).  10 points if you can guess what movie is playing!  Okay, couldn’t guess?  My Fair Lady!  Like I said, a huge Audrey fan.  Also, you may have noticed the wall here is yellow.



Denim heels!
Love these shoes! Got them on sale AND 30% off at Aldo Outlet!

ImageThis is my vanity on the other side of my dresser.  Before it was stacked with books but I’ve since had the opportunity to clean it off and change it into what I really wanted it for…a vanity!  The desk, stool and tall oval mirror are from Ikea.  The only thing allowed on this vanity is jewelry.  In the vanity’s drawer is all my makeup, which isn’t too organized right now so I wont be showing a picture.




These are just some close ups of what’s on the vanity.  As you can see I use a gold teacup to keep my studs in.  I love really classy pieces, and I find teacups are adorable decorations.  And before I started using the teacup, I kept my earrings in an over sized tin that made finding them impossible, so it’s just a lot easier this way.  In the last picture you can see I have a perfume bottle and a candle holder that now is home to my extra bracelets and my blush brush that is too big to fit in my makeup drawer.

Okay, so that’s pretty much everything.  I didn’t take a picture of my closet door because it is currently unhinged or my window because my cats sleep there and it’s just a mess.  But other than that, that’s everything!  The Golden Globes are starting soon and I’ve already missed some of the red carpet while writing this so I’ll be on my way.  Don’t be surprised if I have a new blog on the Golden Globes for tomorrow (complaints and all!).

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!


2 Responses to “Work in Progress: My Room”

  1. GMA January 17, 2012 at 11:33 pm #

    I’m sure that more than me reads your blog. I love it!

    • coffeeandcrosswords January 24, 2012 at 11:39 am #

      You, mom and the few poor twitter followers I trick into reading it 😉 Haha, thanks Grandma!

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