Golden Globes 2012

15 Jan

I couldn’t help myself, I had to discuss the Golden Globes ASAP.  But don’t worry, I don’t have too much to say, considering it was the same old song and dance.

Honesty time: I didn’t love the fashion all that much this year.  There were some dresses I loved, like those belonging to Mila Kunis, Kate Beckinsale, Berenice Bejo, Emma Stone, and Viola Davis.  But overall, wasn’t gawking over most of them.

Also, this has got to be said and what better way than to quote a movie, Angelina Jolie, “Jesus, someone get that girl a sandwich”.  Did you see how I did that?  I quoted the Captain America movie..but I changed ‘boy’ to ‘girl’. High-fives for cleverness!  Seriously though, not to offend (especially if she has an eating disorder, in which case, I encourage seeking help) but where were Angie’s arms?  I feel like she’s trying a disappearing spell.  Regardless the reason, I strongly suggest putting some meat on those bones.

It was amazing to see Morgan Freeman honored this year.  He’s so amazing and extremely deserving of such an award.  Also, Helen Mirren is everything that every woman should aspire to be.  She embodies class and yet she’s feisty and comical. And gorgeous!

And let me just say, this was a really great night for sexy men.  I mean, did you see Ewan McGregor, Clive Owen, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Michael Fassbender (not enough camera shots!), George Clooney, and Brad Pitt.  My biggest disappointment was no RYAN!! I had read the other day that he wouldn’t be there but still…part of me was hoping he would show up.

Another Ryan upset for me was that he was nominated for Ides of March instead of Drive.  Who didn’t think Drive was the superior film? Apparently the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who are crazy for Clooney.

That being said, Clooney and Brad Pitt need to make out on camera.  I felt like everyone was just waiting for them to take their bromance to the next level. You can’t take two of the hottest men of all time and not have them make out.  Wasn’t it just dreamy when George came out with a matching cane?  Or when he not only said Brad was an amazing guy but doing amazing things?  Or how about just any time he talked about Brad?  Oh also, was I the only one who thought it was totally hot that George also thinks Michael Fassbender could play golf without his hands? 😉

When Meryl won (SURPRISE! This never happens) she as per usual was extremely humble and gushed about everyone who was nominated and then some.  I love stars who are so deserving and yet so completely humble.

And let me say I was so happy for Woody Allen winning the Screenplay award.  I loved Midnight in Paris but I didn’t think there would be any gold for it.  So how refreshing to see it receive honors in screenwriting.

I can’t complain about most of the winners. Except I wasn’t the biggest fan of Hugo or The Descendents.  That being said, I wasn’t jumping out of my seat when Scorsese won or when The Descendents won Best Picture – Drama.  To be completely honest, that last one put a damper on the whole evening.  Though I wasn’t the biggest Hugo fan I love Scorsese and the fact that he made Hugo because his wife wanted him to make a film his daughter could watch was sweet.  However, I just didn’t think The Descendents was Best Picture worthy.  Especially when films like Attack the Block and Drive didn’t get the recognition they deserved.  Not that The Descendents was terrible, but I personally felt there were far many more deserving films.  So I guess it comes down to this, The Artist won Best Picture – Comedy/Musical and The Descendents won Best Picture – Drama so it will be a fight between the two come February 26th. And I’m hoping the Academy lets The Artist kick some ass.

Also, is it sad that I was a little disappointed by a tame Ricky Gervais? I thought he was funny last year, we could have done without the occasional rude joke, but I thought most was acceptable. And like he said, you’re making fun of the most beautiful and privileged people in the world and they can’t take a joke?

Maybe we can all sleep safe and sound tonight in agreement that the Golden Globes are the new MTV/Peoples’ Choice/*insert unimportant Award here.

That is all. What did you think of the Golden Globes?

Have a wonderful evening!


2 Responses to “Golden Globes 2012”

  1. heroesAREboring January 15, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    Thanks for this. I didn’t watch. Christina Hendricks was there right?

    • coffeeandcrosswords January 16, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

      No Problem! I always feel the need to add in my 2 cents. I don’t think she was…if she was then she was very low key. No red carpet pics, or camera shots.

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