New Obsession: Style Me Pretty

12 Jan

I’m not an overly girly girl, at least I don’t think I am.  I love comic books, action movies, watching sports and I’m even the kind of girl who will rate celebrity females with my guy friends – but you probably don’t need to know that.  However, my new obsession brings out my girly side to the extreme.

I can now be found daily staring at pictures of weddings…my new obsession is, it’s a site filled with wedding after wedding.  All from DIY to high class ballrooms, to destination weddings.  I’m in love with every thing from the flower arrangements, to the locations (I have a passion for backdoor weddings), to the elegant dresses that make me want to get married 40 times.  I have spent hours looking through their archives and have over 50 weddings now saved to my bookmarks.

Outdoors with lanterns!? Please stop tugging at my heart strings!

There’s something so beautiful about a wedding, and I don’t mean the union of two people who love each other but I mean the event itself.  This is definitely a girlish trait but I think a wedding is more exciting than marriage.  I will without a doubt be the person who renews my vows yearly just for the sake of the celebration.  You know, once in Vegas, once on the beach, once in the backyard, once in a church, once done illegally…

One of the many dresses I gushed over (darn you lace!)

If you haven’t checked out Style Me Pretty yet, I strongly suggest you give it a go.  But I’m warning you, it’s addictive!  Side effects could include day dreaming about weddings, insisting on going to bridal stores to try on gowns (despite being single), adding “This would look wonderful at my wedding” or “I should get married here” into daily conversation (despite still being single), and possibly even settling just for the sake of having a wedding*.

I’ve just had a light bulb moment.  Is this why polygamy is so popular?

Have a wonderful day!

*You will know you are suffering from this side effect if the possible groom to be has witnessed the previous side effects and not taken off.  If he doesn’t notice that you’re cuckoo bananas, then he’s just as crazy and you’re settling!


2 Responses to “New Obsession: Style Me Pretty”

  1. Tait Larson January 12, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

    Thanks for stopping by our little wedding blog and then being so kind as to write about us. It made our day!

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