4 Jan

A fair warning before I begin, I think most people in the independent film scene (and art house junkies!) don’t appreciate my opinion very much.  Here’s the thing, I’m not too picky when it comes to films.  I find I can always find a positive.

I actually enjoy chick flicks, they are my go to late night flick I watch before bed.  And I don’t mean quality chick flicks, I mean cheese-oozing, cliche filled, of course they’re going to end up together chick flicks.  The script is predictable, the acting is barely satisfactory, and the director could…well be replaced by a monkey.  But I can almost always find a positive in the feel good way it makes me feel and how sometimes something so unrealistic can be a little refreshing.

I love crude comedies where the main characters spend the whole film trying to get laid, or on a road trip, or throwing a huge party that they must hide from their parents.  I find a positive in the one liners my friends and I will forever quote (I still quote Scary Movie on a daily basis).

I love car chases, explosions, sexy action heroes jumping from roof tops and those repetitive one-liners.  I’m not quite sure what positive I take out of those films…the half naked men?

The point is, there are few films I can’t stand.  In fact to this day I’ve only walked out of one theater (we’ll discuss that one later).  But don’t think this makes me ignorant to quality, metaphorically filled, dialogue rich (or with a Drive spin and not), visually stimulating films that make you walk out of the theater thinking “What just happened? Did I get mind f*cked or what?”.  Those films I love, trust me, I love them with all of my being.

My very long point is that I don’t dislike the others either.  My favorite film of all time is Pulp Fiction, but a close second is When Harry Met Sally.  And why am I telling you all this? Because I love to hear my own voice and while writing this I am reading it out to myself. No, well yes. But mostly because I thought I should warn you.  Don’t be surprised if eventually you see me referencing a Julia Roberts movie or gushing about Furiously Fast 7 (clever, eh?) or discussing being first in line on opening night for Scary Movie 5 (let’s hope they get it right, this time).

So let this be a warning.  I’m not prejudice.  I Love to see passion and quality.  Love to laugh. Love to feel good. Love to be on the edge of my seat. I love to be entertained. I love MOVIES.


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